The Employer Insight: Bloomberg’s Perceptions of Graduates

September 2012

We attended the above event at Bloomberg’s offices in central London last week.  The event was attended by some representatives of Bloomberg and other major employers, including the Head of Graduate Recruitment & Development at Citi Group, who made some very interesting comments.

They look for people that think differently, outside of the box. They are not always looking for people with the exact technical skills, because they have training provision for new staff. They recruit from any subject and recruit more based on personality, attitude, and diversity of thought rather than subject specialisation.

There was also some discussion about the Bloomberg Evaluation Test (BAT).  In summary, they said the following about the test:

  • Evaluates student knowledge and aptitude of finance.
  • Focuses on practical application of their knowledge Receive feedback after taking the test.
  • You can put your test results on your CV
  • You will be given the option to register for their talent search database – with 20,000 financial companies using this tool as a means of hiring staff.

Bloomberg Careers – Recruitment Process

  • Hire around 80 interns every summer. They operate rolling recruitment, so no set deadline.
  • Strong emphasis on languages and they will support Tier 2 visas for International graduates.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate an interest in finance.
  • Be aware that they receive high volumes of applications each year. For every 100 roles, they get 4-5,000 applications.

We then moved on to explore what attributes employers found most useful. They said:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Talent
  • Hard work
  • Workplace communication skills
  • Workplace behavioural skills

They are also looking for outside experience – it doesn’t have to be about academic achievement, but could be voluntary experience or organising a social for your society. No matter what you’ve done, there’s almost certainly something that’ll make you stand out from the crowd!


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