LinkedIn: Top Tips!

LinkedIn 101 for Higher Ed 

Using LinkedIn effectively depends on three main pillars:

1) Who you are

2) Who you know

3) What you know

Employers are beginning to target students more and more through LinkedIn

Here are some top tips for using LinkedIn:

  • Use a professional photo of you alone
  • Have a strong headline with area of study and/or career ambitions
  • Make sure your profile has a detailed and convincing keyword-rich summary that includes type of positions you are seeking.
  • Inclusion of volunteer activities, internships, and extra-curricular activity
  • Complete sections for students like education, courses, certifications,and volunteer experience & causes
  • Recommendations from academics, advisers, internship colleagues and supervisors
  •  View profiles of people in the jobs you want for ideas
  • Explore possible career and academic paths with the alumni tool
  • Check out the Student Jobs Portal

You can also look at for some useful videos on how to make the most of LinkedIn as a student.

Remember that at UEA different schools may have their own LinkedIn pages, as well as a number of groups for students looking for further opportunities. Finally don’t forget to check out the useful resources for using social media effectively on MyCareerCentral and look out our workshops about using LinkedIn.


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