Building your Video CV

January 2013

We recently had a talk at UEA London about Video CVs from a company called Meet the Real Me.  They said using video CVs to impress potential employers is a fairly new phenomenon but if done well, they can be a valuable tool in your graduate internship and job hunt. Video CVs can give employers a sense of your personality and enthusiasm, something that can be hard to illustrate through a paper application.

So what should you include in your video CV? You need to keep the content concise, much like an elevator pitch. You will only have their attention for about 30 seconds so make it count by focusing on what is most relevant about you. A lot of what you communicate is through body language so think about how you are sitting, eye contact, tone of voice and what you are wearing. Try to enjoy recording it and make sure you prepare for it as if it were an interview; a video CV can often act as one.

In your video CV you want to address the following 3 main points

1) Information about you – You want to get across your social skills and social experience.  You want a potential employer to understand that you find it easy to make contact with people and you can put people at ease.  You might want to make the point that you enjoy meeting people and understanding other cultures.  It’s good to get some of these points across as all businesses are looking for people that are going to help them to grow as a company – one of the main ways of doing that is through relationship building.

2) Education and work experience – Mention something upbeat and relevant about this area. State very clearly what you actually did in your work experience. Remember that you can provide samples of your work through Dropbox or WeTransfer.

3) Why someone should hire you – Try to think what makes you unique!
For some examples of video CVs why not look at ‘Meet the Real Me’ or ‘Inspiring Interns’, who also use a lot of video CVs. Also for more advice on CVs and resources, check out


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