Colin Pyle: Insight From an Entrepreneur

Colin Pyle, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Presenter, Author and Speaker recently came to the UEA London centre and delivered one of the Masterclass talks on behalf of Norwich Business School.  He also gave up some of his time to meet some students for Breakfast at our monthly ‘Meet an Employer for Breakfast event’.  Below are some of the highlights of what he had to share from his experiences.

Graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a degree in Finance. Colin was part of a very successful currency brokerage start up in Toronto that was sold in July 2008. After managing the successful integration of his old company Colin stepped down as President of Equity Foreign Exchange Services to hit the road and live life. In October 2010, Colin completed the Guinness World Record setting Middle Kingdom Ride with his brother Ryan. The two of them followed that up with a 2012 India Ride; an amazing 54-day circumnavigation of India.  Colin completed an MBA from Hult International Business School, is an active entrepreneur in London, where his main focus is growing and investing in early stage tech companies.

One of the organisations that Colin founded is Silicon Real.  It’s a weekly one-hour talk show dedicated to the people of the London technology startup scene.  It’s a place where you can learn about the people behind the business.  Whether it’s a multi-million dollar success, or new idea raising money, the people that drive these ideas we can all learn from. Silicon real provides the spotlight or opportunity to be heard and also learn from other successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

He also founded Lingos –  An Online Community for Language Learners and Teachers.

CRU Kafe is Colin’s latest venture – 100% Arabica, Organic, Fair Trade – Speciality Coffee in a Pod

Colin describes himself as a spontaneous person, he says that he is also ‘bull-headed’ and a risk taker.  At the same time he is very focused and organised and will get things done.  He says that he is never motivated by money and just loves starting companies.  He says he has a passion for creating something from nothing and wants to wake up every morning and feel excited and motivated by what he is going to do that day!  Colin’s advice to students thinking of starting their own business is take your time – people tend to rush through life and there is no need to do that, much better to think everything through carefully.

To find out more about Colin, why not look at his website.

To find out more about the help and advice available to those students interested in Entrepreneurship at UEA look here.


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