Hot Source: Digital and Creative Networking

October 2014

What is Hot Source and why would it appeal to you?

Hot Source is a FREE meet-up group for creative and digital people in and around Norwich. Given fact that you’re reading this on a computer screen I’d hazard a guess and say that you’ve got some grasp of the digital world, and anybody can be creative, from Computing Science students, to Art History students!

So, who am I and why do I want you to come?

My name is Joe and I’ve just graduated with a degree in American and English Literature. Unsurprisingly, I had absolutely no idea how my degree was going to get me a job, let alone a job that I liked. But you’d be amazed at how valuable and transferable the skills and methods of analysis you develop as a humanities student are in the work place.

The U.K is globally renowned as a leader in digital creativity and there is a huge demand for graduates with creative minds and a passion for digital. Good news for you!

That’s where Hot Source comes in. It’s a great place to meet future colleagues, employers, contacts and even potential investors. All sorts of people come along ranging from students through to designers, developers and lawyers who specialise in our sector.

Don’t worry about having to put on a suit and stuffing your pockets full of CV’s. This is a way to start thinking about the opportunities that are out there. It’s a chance for you to suss out whether you can see yourself working in this industry and if so, figuring out how you can develop your skills and land yourself a job that makes the most of your creative talent.

This is an opportunity to get a feel about the industry and to hear the thoughts of people who make a living from this kind of thing. It might not be your cup of tea or it might be the first step towards doing something really cool. There’s only one way to find out!

Sold? Here’s how to get involved

Our next event is a Talkie on Oct 1st at NUA’s Duke Street Lecture Theatre at 5.45 – 7pm

If you’re planning on getting a new iPhone then it’s worth coming along as we’ve got two speakers who are at the forefront of contactless payments and proximity marketing. Technologies which are exploding as a result of the iPhone 6.

So get yourself down to Duke Street on October 1st, meet some great people and hear some interesting things. And come to the Mash Tun after for more talking, thinking and drinking.

Duke Street might not yet be on your radar so I’ll be picking people up from outside the Playhouse Bar at 5.20pm and will be leaving for Duke Street at 5.30pm sharp.

Hope to see you there!


This event has now expired


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