Meet an Entrepreneur for Breakfast: Brian Bush

Ever considered starting your own venture? Does the idea of working hard to put money in another person’s pocket not appeal? Well, on Friday morning a group of us met in Norwich to meet local entrepreneur and business expert Brian Bush. Only ten of us: we were a group of students and past students who had either started our own businesses or were planning to.

P1020342Despite it being early everyone was excited to meet our breakfast date! Brian, is a warm welcoming character, with big wise grey eyes and a quietly confident air about him. Director of three local companies and with a  knowledge in everything from IT to health, he had knowledge helpful to every member of our diverse group. Over breakfast he explained about the various businesses he is involved in running and his reasoning for being self-employed: in a world where job security doesn’t really exist, Brian reasoned at least working for yourself you could manage your own risk. With entrepreneurship he also reminded us you can also work to make your interests and passions your income, and that there is nothing more engaging than starting up your own project.

Despite there only being ten of us, we had an endless list of questions, and an hour’s breakfast quickly grew to almost two hours. Brian was great, and at the end handed out business cards, as well as offering to help those in the process of starting their own businesses: his wealth of local contacts is invaluable.

The Breakfast was one of the first that the Careers Service are trying out, offering students a chance to network and meet entrepreneurs. There are only ten spaces per breakfast, and the opportunity can be booked on MyCareerCentral. This hidden gem of the Careers Service is free to attend (you have to get your own coffee and bacon sandwich though!) and will run the last Friday every month.

Thank you to Mary Leishman for her contribution to the blog!


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