UEA Graduate Internship Experience: Communications

Hear all about David’s graduate internship at UEA!

For the past year I have worked with the press team at UEA. For the first three months my task was to overhaul the media emails that were sent around to staff and the executive team that contained summaries of UEA in the news. Once the email had been completed and sent out I would also have to log all entries into the database that could be used for future reports.

By overhauling the emails I changed them into a more visually improved and easy to read email that cut down on the clutter. The new emails were now easier to read and divided by school to help academics sift through the data they wanted to see. The production of these emails and maintenance of the database was my primary focus throughout the duration of my year.

After the three months spent working on the emails and media database, I was given the opportunity to go full time for the remainder of the year. This gave me time to work on other projects such as taking photos around campus for bulletins and portal updates, helping with writing scientific press releases and analysing media data of UEA coverage around the world. The skills I learned during my time have really helped me with updating my CV and giving me a great understanding of how the media works with institutions such as UEA.

The experience this gave me I felt was really invaluable and I really enjoyed working with my team who were all very kind and helped me develop key skills that I did not necessarily have experience in before.

I would definitely recommend the Graduate Internship Programme to anyone who is thinking about joining it as it gives you great experience straight after university and helps with the transition from education to the workplace.


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