UEA Internship Experience: Sales and Marketing

Matthew Everett’s Sales and Marketing Graduate Internship with Howard Nurseries – “Starting My Internship”

I was very excited to start my internship, it was a complete step in to the unknown and the first time I felt like I was going to be challenged in a job since graduating. I couldn’t wait to start, I even asked to start early.

My first day saw me meeting everyone on the site and learning how the company functions. It was interesting to get an insight into a sector I had never considered working in yet still applying what I had learned at UEA.

During my first month I have been editing the companies’ website, creating press releases and assisting the sales team in the office. I have also created new lists using photo sharing software which we have started to send out to our customers so they can see what is looking good each week. Also I have established the companies twitter account to help communicate with customers more directly, this meant I had to learn how to use it in a business context and how it can be used to both market your business and gather information about your competitors. I have taught myself some basic HTML coding to help keep the website looking good and been learning some basic photography skills for my lists.

I had very little idea of what to expect going into this role, I completed the basic tasks I was given and have been finding myself more work ever since. I have been involved in a couple of high level projects including our Chelsea Flower Show display which I did not expect to be included in.

During my first month I have enjoyed how varied and diverse the role has become. Whilst settling in to a new town and moving away from home. I have enjoyed meeting people involved with all aspects of the business and seeing how they all work together. It’s amazing that everyone is so in sync and can intuit problems just from all their experience of working there.

I think the next few weeks will continue to get busier with orders and marketing jobs especially leading up to the Chelsea Flower Show. I can’t wait to see the flowers in bloom over spring and summer and seeing how that changes the look of the Nursery. I also feel that I will be busy mailing catalogues out to people as it starts to get more into the gardening season.

If you’re interested in participating in a UEA Internship, visit https://mycareercentral.uea.ac.uk for more information and top tips on how to get started! 


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