Fantastic and Eye-Opening Experience

I completed my UEA summer internship with Aldeburgh Music, an arts organisation based at the beautiful Snape Maltings in Suffolk.

How have you found your experience? Was it what you expected? What did you enjoy the most?

My internship was based with Development, a small team that focuses on donor based fundraising. Aldeburgh Music is an international performance centre that focuses on artist development through a number of programmes and courses. They also put on amazing concerts in the world renowned concert hall.

It was really interesting to learn about fundraising as I have no previous experience in this area. I was surprised at how much of an integral part it plays in the organisation and got to be involved in putting on events for donors as well as corporate sponsors. I really enjoyed the buzz of the events and the atmosphere of working within a creative environment. It was especially lovely to be able to sit in on rehearsals most afternoons and listen to the incredible artists perform. It was also an added perk to be able to sit on the staff bench during the concerts themselves!

What do you feel you have gained from your internship? Have you developed new skills?

During my internship I have met a whole host of interesting people and made some great contacts. It was also really useful to experience working full-time; as a student I don’t often do a typical 9-5 day!

I feel I have gained real insight into not only fundraising, but marketing, finance and event planning. I got to chat with the heads of each of the departments that make up the organisation and find out what work they do. I have certainly developed a whole range of fundraising skills which I hope to put into practice when starting my own business.

Did your internship help you to put skills learned from your degree into practice?

As a science undergraduate I was able to apply a lot of my statistical skills to produce data projects. For example I produced a project detailing the numbers of guests attending entertaining events. Using charts and graphs I produced visual presentations to present to the development team, they are hoping to apply the findings of this project to future events.

Do you feel your internship has helped you with your future career path i.e. confirmed your career aspirations or your interest in this area? 

Completing this internship has made me realise that I want to use my energy to produce my own business when I graduate. Although I have enjoyed my time at Snape Maltings I have realised that I don’t want to work in an office environment all of the time. It has been a fantastic and eye-opening experience which I feel really grateful to have been offered.


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