Eve’s graduate internship with Integro Languages, 3 weeks in!

eve lacroix imageHow did you feel about the internship leading up to the start?

Starting my internship necessitated a lot of preparation, so I was quite nervous. As I was living at home with my family in France at the time of application, I had my interview over Skype. I interviewed Friday, was offered the job Tuesday, booked my flight over on Thursday, and was house-viewing by Sunday. It all happened very fast, and I had never even been to the office before starting! Nevertheless, I felt excited to start working, learn new things, and see university friends again.

What was your first day like?

My first day included my first trip on a bus I’d never taken, getting my shoes muddy, and walking the wrong direction. Once I arrived, the Managing Director welcomed me into the building, which is shared by multiple businesses, and I met the three other colleagues. We went over some health, safety and confidentiality procedures in the morning. At lunchtime, we went out to a nearby restaurant, which was a nice way of getting to know each other. In the afternoon, I got started straight into the work. For me, this meant some market research— so I researched potential clients on LinkedIn who work in the private medical insurance industry and may be interested in Integro Languages’ translation and interpretation services.

What have you been up to each day in your first week e.g. what tasks have you been doing, have you learnt new skills?

In my first week, I created Excel spreadsheets with contact information for potential clients, researching new companies who may need our translation services, and writing an introductory marketing letter to accompany some company brochures. I was also able to give feedback on some of the advertorial brochures. In the two weeks since, I have input this data into the Customer Relationship Management system Insightly, noting which companies have been contacted, when to follow up, and as things progress I will continue to track the leads.

Has your experience of your first three weeks been what you expected?

I did not expect a forest pathway walk to get to work! From the Skype interview, it seemed to me that the company was a small, friendly and tight knit group, which turned out to be true. When one person makes themselves a coffee, we always offer to make each others’ drinks too.

What have you enjoyed the most about your first three weeks?

I liked the fact that even though I had just started, my opinion was valued and I was asked for feedback on some of the marketing materials and who I should send our brochure and letter to. It’s also nice to see what it’s like to work in a small team where everyone helps each other out. As an English Literature with Creative Writing graduate, my favourite task so far has definitely been writing the marketing letter template. In my second and third week I also had the chance to write articles for our blog, LinkedIn and the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s website. The company’s tone is quite casual and friendly, and I enjoyed adapting myself to their specific voice.

How do you think the next few weeks will be?

As I have been working here for three weeks now, I am becoming more familiar with the research aspect of my internship. Hopefully the sales calls the directors make to leads I have found will turn into new contracts!


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