Flourish – The Startup Club for Women

Flourish – The Startup Club for Women, is designed to help women turn their business ideas into business realities. Run by Prowess, a leading organisation for women entrepreneurs in the UK, Flourish will help you stay motivated and focused during the critical early stages of their business development. There will be:

  • Four monthly sessions (February – June) including masterclass workshops and group coaching to help you overcome current challenges;
  • A facilitated online group to enable peer-to-peer and guided support; and
  • A re-union event in October to come together again to reflect on progress, celebrate successes and continue to nurture the ‘community’.

Flourish is for women of all ages, backgrounds and business sectors looking to start a business, or those in the early stages of establishing their venture. Sessions will include a short skills session, networking, and the chance to work on your own business issues with others in a similar position. Mutual learning and support are at the heart of Flourish.

There is an initial deposit of £50, but you will get all of that back upon completion of the course. This means that what would cost £75 normally is completely free (UEA is paying for you)! So if you want peer-to-peer support and award winning experienced business coaching, all while having the chance to build and improve your business, apply now!


Visit MyCareerCentral for more information:


This event has now expired


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