Business Engagement Intern – Exciting changes ahead!

By Bijan Arasteh

This academic year has been an ironically excellent year for me personally. In September I had just finished my Masters in Business Management in our very own Business School. I worked extremely hard to get a great result, but like many students I finished my course having got grades I’m chuffed with but hadn’t yet secured a job.

I went through a rather demoralising and tough couple of months that I imagine many of my peers were experiencing too. I filled in application form after application form, took more psychometric tests than is healthy for anyone, and suffered episodes of existential self-doubt and panic on a daily basis. In the end though, and rather ironically for someone in search of their next career step, I found, applied, and was successful in getting an internship in CareerCentral!

Since joining the team in December, I’ve been privileged to have been able to have an input into a lot of the work CareerCentral do and helped to run a number of events on campus with businesses looking to hire UEA students and graduates. We’ve run numerous workshops on hearing from employers about working in their sectors, networking events, skills workshops, a visit to the offices of KPMG and the highlight for me, Global Opportunities Week. I collected feedback from students on all this activity and the response has been extremely positive! Students have found the events really helpful.

Global Opportunities Week is special to me because before I came to UEA to study, I taught English in Spain. Although possibly the most challenging experience of my life it was one of the most formative too, so I highly recommend you look beyond the UK for work experience of all kinds! (CareerCentral’s Global Opportunities page is a great place to start.)

It’s been a pleasure seeing students and graduates be inspired, get the help they need, network and develop their skills with the help of the employers that might one day hire them. As a result of what students have been saying in their feedback we are planning some very exciting changes to the opportunities available for you to connect with employers face to face next year. Keep an eye out for them on MyCareerCentral, and don’t miss the chance to meet a wide variety of employers.

For those graduating this week like me, good luck in your next chapter. And don’t forget, you can access the support from CareerCentral for 3 years after graduating!


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