Welcome back!

We hope you’ve had a lovely, relaxing summer holiday, and are ready to get back to life at UEA. Whether you still have some way to go or are in your final year, we wanted to take a moment to let you know that CareerCentral is here to help you, and back with more opportunities than ever before!

As always, we have our Recruitment and Opportunities Fair (20 October, 12-4pm Sportspark) coming up, with employers covering every faculty and over 90 exhibitors in total, including some brand new faces. Even if you’ve been before, we really try to make sure each year is different, and invite a huge variety of organisations to join us – so do come along again this year. If you think you might need to do a little prep before hand, don’t panic – just book onto one of our Prepare for a Fair Sessions and take a look at the programme to see who’s coming!

We also have a new and improved Global Opportunities Week (it’s been shortlisted for a prestigious internationalisation award). But on top of these, we’ve put together other new, exciting events, such as the chance to have a chat and share a bite to eat with local and multinational companies right here on campus with Café Conversations.

If you’re beginning to think of your next step after university, we can offer a variety of support. You may already know about the one to one sessions with Careers Advisers that are available to you, and the online resources to guide you through applications – but we also have a fast-growing mentoring scheme that allows you to discuss your future and gather advice from a professional in your industry of interest. You can this at MyCareerCentral, where we also list lots of internships and graduate jobs.

There are lots of ways to stay in touch with us, such as through Facebook and Twitter. We also have a LinkedIn group – this is great for returning students in particular, as it gives you the chance to interact with alumni and employers, asking them questions and getting involved in discussions.

And lastly, don’t forget this blog – stay tuned for more employer insights, student voices, event updates, and more!


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