Shannon Bartram’s Clinical Internship

Before finishing my second year, I applied for a Clinical Internship to complete for two months during the Summer. I was so pleased to find out a few days later after my interview that I was the chosen individual! As I live locally I knew this would really work well for me, and was something I was really interested in doing, especially as the clinical sector is very competitive. The internship involved me working alongside Marie Chellingsworth, evaluating self-help material used in the English IAPT programme, and looking at the material in terms of its readability and engagement.

What I enjoyed most

Overall, I found the experience very enjoyable. It was slightly different from what I expected as the project required me to work fairly independently. However, I enjoyed this aspect the most as this has really increased my confidence to know I am able to complete tasks I am set on my own. This is something I would really recommend for everyone, as these independent working skills will definitely help you throughout your degree, and for me specifically with my third year dissertation.

Skills Learnt

  • Independent working.
  • Learning to work with a new software.
  • Not being afraid to ask questions.
  • Learning about self-help material, and help which is available for individuals.

Now the internship has finished

I was unable to finish the whole project within the internship time period. However, I have been carrying this on as it is something I would like to see through to the end. I have also been offered further work from my supervisor which I am due to start very soon. This is very exciting and will again give me further experience which could help support my future career.

Future career choices

The internship has definitely helped me with my future career path. Towards the end of second year due to exam stress and continuous assignments, I felt I had lost my passion for Psychology, and was very unsure of what I wanted to do when I finished my degree. However, this has helped me realise why I love Psychology so much and that I would like a career in helping and supporting individuals.


I would really recommend others to apply for an internship if possible. It’s a great experience and will really give you the edge against other individuals when applying for future jobs/courses. The skills I have learnt have been very valuable, and even the interview process which I had to go through was very good practice for future interviews. I’m so glad I was the selected individual for the Clinical internship, and this has made me very excited for my future career!


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