Global opportunities for you

A Global Mind-set. Words echoed by many employers nowadays as they look to snap up the best graduate talent. Work experience overseas is becoming more and more important each year to different recruiters.

To meet this growing trend, since 2015 and every year after, UEA CareerCentral have introduced a Global Opportunities Week to entice students to want to ‘Go Global’ and to reduce some of those barriers which are stopping them.

This year was no different with a number of fantastic opportunities and events, in February, with different days focusing on different parts of the world. With sessions throughout the day to Skype with UEA Alumni around the globe, language taster workshops, lunchtime performances and evening events with a vast range of international employers, including: the JET Programme, Camp Counsellors USA and Intern China; it was an amazing opportunity for students to find out more!

But there are many barriers still stopping students from going overseas: language, money, culture, visas, leaving friends and family behind, etc. One of the main ways we aimed to reduce those fears was having Skype or face to face sessions with UEA Alumni. Seeing a graduate first hand, working in a different country and sharing their own experience and advice is a brilliant way to make students feel more comfortable with going abroad.

We had 19 alumni from all different parts of the world, including: China, Japan, Africa, America, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia; with events for native and non-native speakers. They all shared their experiences and the students were welcome to ask them questions, which benefitted the students greatly. One student commentated that it was better “hearing from graduates who have already moved abroad, rather than staff telling it just from a theoretical point of view.”

To those who are still interested in a global opportunity and don’t know where to start: please have a look on our MyCareerCentral homepage as we have a ‘Global Vacancy Search’, with many brilliant opportunities including an all-expenses paid internship in China. In addition, please have a look on our Global Opportunities website and pop into CareerCentral for advice anytime!

Stay tuned for our Global Events next year from the Careers Service Team at CareerCentral!


One response to “Global opportunities for you

  1. I didn’t go to any of the global events but they sound really good! Especially the Skype sessions! 😃


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