Global Opportunities

UeaCareersELearning182“Experience of working overseas and immersion in a different culture can catapult a graduate into being considered for rewarding and challenging roles.”  AGR/CIHE (2011) Global Graduates into Global Leaders

Note: for articles on the blog related to global opportunities, check out our ‘Go Global’ category.

Globalisation is changing the way the world works, and employers are increasingly looking for workers who have cross-cultural competence and cutting-edge technical skills. It is more important now than ever for UK citizens to gain global competency skills so that they can succeed in the global marketplace.

There are lots of ways of taking up global opportunities that can really help your career prospects, whether you wish to get work experience during your summer holiday or after you graduate. There are numerous different opportunities to choose from. Maybe you want to teach English in Japan, go on a cultural exchange visit with a Chinese company, or be a translation intern in Germany? It is all possible!

To access all of our global opportunities, log in to MyCareerCentral and search for the country you wish to work in. Don’t forget to look at job search (international) on Career Central Resources Plus too (also accessed via MyCareerCentral)! You can also have a look at our Global Opportunities pages to find more information and resources, and find out more about what it means to be a global graduate!

If you want to be inspired, check out these videos by other students who have been to places such as China and Argentina! UEA on the Road, the blog where UEA students share their study abroad experiences, is worth checking out as well. For PGR students within arts and humanities, Research Beyond Borders is brilliant.

And if you want more inspiration fuel, check out our ‘Go Global’ category, and see what UEA students have had to say about there experiences in Uganda, Australia, and much more!


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