Student Enterprise

MyCareerCentral_StudentEnterpriseHere at CareerCentral, there’s nothing our Enterprise team like more than helping you make stuff happen. From the smallest spark of an idea, we can help you research, plan, test, train, fund and launch.

You might see yourself as a new high-tech industry leader; an activist looking to create a more equal world; a freelance artist, or just someone who has ideas they want to turn into skills: we can take your passion, add some hard work and help you make it happen.

“I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you to UEA Enterprise for all the support it has provided and continues to provide. Thank you for believing in us right from when our business was just a concept.”

Michael Olatunji, started Currant Sports Recovery with the help of the enterprise team at CareerCentral

Some of the best ways to prepare for a life running your own business, or carving your individual career, is to get experience.

CareerCentral is here to offer a safe place, by reducing the risk, but offering great experiences, you can feel confident with your next steps whatever they may be.

Find experiences by:

Make it happen!
So get out there, build on your enterprise and entrepreneurship skills, learn from experienced figures from the business community and network with like-minded people. As you develop, you’ll see if you have got what it takes to run your own business.

There are many ways that Student Enterprise can help you turn your dreams, passion and talents into a business reality. Talking things through with a professional can help build confidence, give insight, strengthen your case and open up a world of possibility that you hadn’t realised was there.

There are different types of help that we can guide you towards, depending on what stage you are at:

Just remember, you’re not alone! Drop us an email today:


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