Boost your Career in Business

There’s no easy trick to becoming a master of your craft: but there are plenty of handy, free tools to help you along the way, one of which is available to you right now.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the concept of a ‘massive open online course’, known as MOOCs, which are free, flexible courses that make a university’s expertise available on an international level. This is not strictly to undergraduates or postgraduates either: these MOOCs make academic content available to anyone, anywhere.

We are fascinated by the obvious power of this new and interactive style of learning: so much so that UEA were one of the first UK institutions to create and launch a MOOC with our partner, FutureLearn (their website is great).

The course was a branding masterclass, led by Robert Jones, a visiting lecturer at Norwich Business School and leading brand strategist at Wolff Olins, London. Their clients include Barclays, PwC, Barclays, and Virgin. Robert infused the online course with all his professional knowledge, drawn from decades of marketing and branding experience, to attract tens of thousands of engaged, enthusiastic learners. And this is where you come in.

This is your chance to interact with all those international learners, whatever your level of experience in branding, to build your professional portfolio as well as your networking opportunities. By joining the online course you will explore a new style of learning: one that highly encourages you to actively use your brain during every lesson. Active learning, rather than passive learning.

5 Reasons to try this MOOC:

  • It’s crammed full with expert, academic knowledge
  • You’ll learn and interact with thousands of clever individuals
  • You may meet a potential business partner
  • You choose the time and place to study
  • It’s free!

We’d suggest watching ‘The Secret Power of Brands’ trailer for a quick snapshot of the course. We’re hoping for our biggest cohort yet on The Secret Power of Brands so hope to see as many keen UEA entrepreneurs and business minds as possible in the virtual classroom, starting 1 June 2015.

The trailer:

The course: The Secret Power of Brands

The Educator: Prof Robert Jones

Starts: 1 June, 2015

Duration: 6 weeks, 2-3 hours per week

Cost: FREE

Once you have completed the course, there is an option to purchase a Statement of Participation for £29, which states your name and the professional institution who provided the MOOC. This is a brilliant addition to your portfolio and a shining beacon that you took the initiative to think (and learn) outside the box.

This event has now expired


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